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Custom Carports and RV Covers

A carport is the best and most affordable way to protect your vehicles without investing in an entire garage. These strong, sturdy metal structures shield your car, truck, trailer, RV, boat, or other vehicles from inclement weather that would otherwise tarnish your equipment. You no longer have to worry about Indiana storms dropping hail on your car or causing nearby tree branches to fall on your RV. Plus, it protects your car from falling leaves and other debris that can dent or discolor your property. Finally, during our freezing winters, you can say goodbye to digging your car out of the snow and scraping ice off the windshield. The only aspect you have to do now is shovel your driveway, and you’re on your way!

metal carport

Beat the Heat

In the summer, the sun’s brutal rays beat down on your vehicles left out in the open. This causes their paint to fade and weather. By parking your vehicles under a custom carport by Xtreme Structurez, you secure your car without needing to build an entire garage. Enjoy added protection in a stylish and practical way. Enjoy the benefits of simplicity and ease with low maintenance from our carports and RV covers. Your RV deserves protection from the elements and shouldn’t just be parked in the driveway. Plus, the next time you decide to take a trip, you won’t have to worry about cleaning off the leaves and debris on top of your RV. Enjoy the maintenance-free life with our protective structures.

Protect Your Vehicles From the Elements

No matter how tall or wide you need your carport or RV cover to be, we can build it. We create all types and sizes of metal structures to protect your assets, all while matching the style of your home. Call us today to talk about your needs. We’ll discuss materials, size, color, and what you’ll use your structure for. Because we custom create all of our structures, the possibilities are endless to finding the perfect match for you. Protect your vehicles throughout every season.

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